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6004 1300 Centigrade High Temperature Silicon Carbide Ceramic Ball Bearing

6204 Ceramic Ball Bearing with Material Silicon Carbide (SiC) And PTFE Cage Are Suitable for the Highest Temperature at 1300 Centigrade.
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  • 6204 Ceramic Ball Bearing

  • MVPS

6004 Silicon Carbide (SiC) Bearing Specfication :

Bearing Number 6004
Size (mm) 20*42*12mm
Material Silicon Carbide (SiC)
Working temperature 1300 degree

HRC 90 Silicon Carbide Ceramic Ball Bearing
High Temperature Resistance Bearing

HRC 90 Silicon Carbide Ceramic Ball Bearing Features:

Silicon Carbide (SiC) Bearing is more outstanding in these aspects: higher chemical corrosion resistance, better strength, higher hardness, higher wear resistance, lower frictional properties, and suitable for the highest temperature 1300 degree.

1.Can working at high temperature 800 degree ~1300 degree

with low coefficient of friction ceramic bearing have the ability to withstand much higher speed without exceeding too high temparature than steel bearings

2.Anti corrosion

ceramic resists acids alkali blood salt and water ,so it will not corrod or rust

3 .No grease required

Ceramic balls require less lubrication and have a greater harness than steel balls which will contribute to increase bearing life .

4. Highest spin time

Because the ceramic has low coeffient of friction ,it is good material for any application seeking to have a high RPM'S

MVPS  BEARINGS Are Professional Bearing Manufacturer In China, We Can Produce Full Ceramic Bearing And Hybid Ceramic Bearing Work At High Temperature .

1) Full ceramic bearings with ZrO2/Si3N4/SiC material ---non-magnetism,electrical insulation,wear resistant,anti corrosive.

2) Hybrid ceramic bearings (Stainless steel ring with  hybrid balls or Chrome steel rings with  hybrid balls ) ---high speed,self-lubricated.

3) Precision ceramic balls (ZrO2/Si3N4/SiC/Al2O3) ---vacuum,high and low temp,high precision ball screw set,valve balls for acid,alkali and salt.

Bearing type Full or hybrid ceramic bearing
Bearing model 608,R188 ,MR83 ,6000,6001 ,6000SERIES,6200 SERIES
bearing material Si3N4,ZrO2,stainless steel ,chrome steel
Bearing cage Si3N4,ZrO2,PTFE,Nylon

full ceramic ball bearings Si3N4
full ceramic skate bearings
hybrid ceramic bearing

SiC Bearing Application :

SIC Ceramic Ball Bearings are used under extreme circumstances and special conditions, such as under extreme high temperature(Full Ball Complement recommended), the extreme temperature can reach as high as 1300 centigrade; and strong corrosion chemical medicament(PTFE cage recommended) which have longer working longevity as its hardness can reach HRC90.

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