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71918 ACD/P4A - Angular contact ball bearings

SKF 71918 ACD/P4A is single row super precision angular contact ball bearing. And this kind of bearing is always adjusted against a second bearing or used in sets. SKF Super-precision angular contact ball bearings are manufactured with contact angles 150 designation suffix C. D design high-capacity bearings are designed to accommodate heavy loads at relatively high speeds under low to moderate operating temperatures.
Product Spec
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  • 71918 ACD/P4A - Angular contact ball bearings

  • SKF

The technical data of SKF 71918 ACD/P4A:

d: 90mm

D: 125mm

B: 18mm

Basic dynamic load rating: 47.5KN

Basic static load rating: 51KN

Attainable speed for grease lubrication: 9500r/min

Attainable speed for oil-air lubrication: 16000r/min

Mass: 0.55kg

Other Information
The following are our SKF super precision angular contact ball bearings,

71908 CD/P4A 7009 ACD/P4A

71908 CE/HCP4A 7009 ACE/HCP4A

71908 CE/P4A 7009 ACE/P4A

71908 DB/P7 7009 CD/HCP4A

71908 FB/P7 7009 CD/P4A

C71908 DB/P7 7009 CE/HCP4A

C71908 FB/P7 7009 CE/P4A

S71908 ACD/HCP4A 7009 DB/P7

S71908 ACD/P4A 7009 FB/P7

S71908 CD/HCP4A C7009 DB/P7

S71908 CD/P4A C7009 FB/P7

S71908 DB/P7 S7009 ACD/HCP4A

S71908 FB/P7 S7009 ACD/P4A

SC71908 DB/P7 S7009 CD/HCP4A

SC71908 FB/P7 S7009 CD/P4A

7008 ACD/HCP4A S7009 DB/P7

7008 ACD/P4A S7009 FB/P7

7008 ACE/HCP4A SC7009 DB/P7

7008 ACE/P4A SC7009 FB/P7

7008 CD/HCP4A 7209 ACD/HCP4A

7008 CD/P4A 7209 ACD/P4A

7008 CE/HCP4A 7209 CD/HCP4A

7008 CE/P4A 7209 CD/P4A

7008 DB/P7 71810 ACD/HCP4

7008 FB/P7 71810 ACD/P4

C7008 DB/P7 71810 CD/HCP4

C7008 FB/P7 71810 CD/P4

S7008 ACD/HCP4A 71910 ACD/HCP4A

S7008 ACD/P4A 71910 ACD/P4A

S7008 CD/HCP4A 71910 ACE/HCP4A

S7008 CD/P4A 71910 ACE/P4A

S7008 DB/P7 71910 CD/HCP4A

S7008 FB/P7 71910 CD/P4A

SC7008 DB/P7 71910 CE/HCP4A

SC7008 FB/P7 71910 CE/P4A

7208 ACD/HCP4A 71910 DB/P7

7208 ACD/P4A 71910 FB/P7

7208 CD/HCP4A C71910 DB/P7

7208 CD/P4A C71910 FB/P7

71809 ACD/HCP4 S71910 ACD/HCP4A

71809 ACD/P4 S71910 ACD/P4A

71809 CD/HCP4 S71910 CD/HCP4A

71809 CD/P4 S71910 CD/P4A

71909 ACD/HCP4A S71910 DB/P7

71909 ACD/P4A S71910 FB/P7

71909 ACE/HCP4A SC71910 DB/P7

71909 ACE/P4A SC71910 FB/P7

71909 CD/HCP4A 7010 ACD/HCP4A

71909 CD/P4A 7010 ACD/P4A

71909 CE/HCP4A 7010 ACE/HCP4A

71909 DB/P7 7010 ACE/P4A

71909 FB/P7 7010 CD/HCP4A

C71909 DB/P7 7010 CD/P4A

C71909 FB/P7 7010 CE/HCP4A

S71909 ACD/HCP4A 7010 CE/P4A

S71909 ACD/P4A 7010 DB/P7

S71909 CD/HCP4A 7010 FB/P7

S71909 CD/P4A C7010 DB/P7

S71909 DB/P7 C7010 FB/P7

S71909 FB/P7 S7010 ACD/HCP4A

SC71909 DB/P7 S7010 ACD/P4A

SC71909 FB/P7 7009 ACD/HCP4A

SKF High precision angular contact bearing 71918 ACD/P4A

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