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83B231 Automotive Wheel Hub Bearing

83B231 Wheel Hub Bearing Description :



Bearing No:83B231DCS19(83B231)

Used For :Auto Wheel Hub

Material : Chrome steel Gcr15


Inner diameter:41mm

Outer diameter :72mm


Mass weight :0.5 KG

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  • 83B231 Automotive Wheel Hub Bearing

83B231 Wheel Hub Bearing ; 83B231 Auto Joint Bearing 41*72*23mm


Bearing Model 83B231
Country of Origin JAPAN
Stock Qty.(pcs) 265.pcs (More on the way)
Application Auto Cars
Ball Material Steel Ball
Shaft Dia.(mm) 41
Outer Dia.(mm) 72
Width (mm) 23
Type Wheel Hub Bearing
Structure Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Lead Time IN STOCK
HS CODE 8482102000
83B231 Bearing dimension  

At the moment, we still have 408 pcs of 83B231DCS19(83B231) bearings in warehouse, please feel free to
contact us if you have request for 83B231DCS19(83B231) bearings, we will spare no efforts to satisfy your requirements by rendering you the superior quality, the most competitive prices, premium
service and any other specific need.

For more details of 83B231DCS19(83B231)(HS Code: 8482103000)bearings, pls feel free to contact us!

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