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CSK35PP One Way Bearing with Keyway Sprag Freewheel Backstop Clutch MVPS Brand

CSK35PP One-way (clutch) Bearing The CSK series is a one-way (clutch) bearing.One way Bearing Sprag/Clutch Freewheel and also called as Backstops. The one-way bearings are used in any application that requires one direction rotation, such as mining, hydraulic, textile, printing and washing machines, conveyor systems that carry products to a higher level should not be reversed because of gravity during any power shortage.
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  • CSK35PP One way Bearing with Keyway Sprag Freewheel Backstop Clutch

  • mvps

CSK35 One Way Bearing Sprag Freewheel Backstop Clutch Introduction :

Bearing No. : CSK35PP Bearing

Type: One-way Clutch Bearing

Dimension :

Inner Diameter: 35mm

Outer Diameter: 72mm

Width: 17mm

CSK40PP Clutch Bearing


Product Seal: two side Seal

Ball Material: Chrome Steel

Rings Material :Chrome Steel

Retainer Material: Metal or High Speed Plastic

We also can produce according to customer's requirements produce CSK12 bearing with stainless steel 420

Suffix Designations Explain :

No suffix after number: no keyway in races

With One Single P: one keyway in inner race

With Double PP : Keyways in inner and outer races.

Below here is picutre for your reference ,we can produce other one way clutch bearing for you .

freewheel Clutch Bearing

CSK 35 PP One-Way Bearing 35x72x17mm Picture Show :

CSK 35 PP Bearing
CSK35 Clutch Bearing

The CSK model freewheel is a sprag type clutch integrated into a 6200 series ball bearing (except sizes 8 and 40). It provides you with a one way clutch, and eliminates the need for a ball bearing. It gives a high degree of freewheeling accuracy while utilizing a minimum of space.we can produce different CSK one way clutch bearing .

CSK35PP Sprag Clutch One Way Bearing can be used as freewheels and can be used in backstop, overrunning or indexing applications. Freewheel bearings are characterized by their ability to turn in one direction only and thus transmit torque whilst having a zero backlash. They are supplied filled with grease and are low maintenance. The torque is transmitted on the inner and outer race by an external key way to the housing and onto the shaft by an internal key way.  


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