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Stainless Steel 608zz U Groove POM Furniture Pulley Bearing

608zz Furniture Pulley Bearing are produced with U shaped and with material stainless steel 420 and outer material POM, with that material the pulley bearing can work well and anti-rust , we can produce Pulley roller with customized service .this size we have now is with size 8*50*10.7mm
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  • Stainless Steel 608zz U Groove POM Furniture Pulley Bearing

  • MVPS

MVPS Bearing Can Produce High Precision, Low Friction, Smooth, Low Noise, Economy Furniture Pulley Bearing,Those Pulley Roller Wheels Can Be Customized, And We Are Professional Ball Bearing Pulley Wheel Manufacturer With More Than 10 Years Experience .

China stainless steel 608zz Bearing Pulley Specification :

Bearing No.: 608ZZ

Inner size :8.00mm

Outer size :50.00 mm


Material :Bearing with Stainless steel +Cover Material POM

For bearing material we also can produce with Chrome steel or Carbon steel

And Cover material with Plastic, Polyurethane( PU), Rubber, Nylon, Fiberglass , etc.

We can produce U plastic roller pulley ,V pulley wheel bearing ,your can choose as your application .

white pom coated pulley wheel

Mkl Produce Sliding Door Roller Bearing Have Below Features:

1.Bearing all with precision grinding ,with this treatment pur bearing wheel pulley will have high precision ,low noise and vibration.

2.With heat treatment ,our bearings will be have long working life and well performance

3.We are choose high quality bearing raw material and sliding roller material , with good match up ,our pulley bearings have high load capacity and smooth running.

4.We can do standard and non-standard service .

Best Pulley Bearing Can Be Used For  :

Our sliding bearing wheels are widely used in high-end sliding window and door rollers ,sliding wardrobe and closet rollers,shower rollers,display shelf rollers ,sports fitness equipment,and intelligent automation machinery and other equipments.

Pulley wheel and bearing

We Can Produce Many Other Sliding Pulley Wheel Bearing Such As V Groove Nylon Sliding Ball Bearing  , U Groove Sliding Door Pulley ,Flat Bearing Pulley etc.

Small China Sliding Pulley Bearing

POM coated ball bearing

Customized Sliding Door Pulley guide bearing pulley

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small pulley wheel

Pulley Bearing With OEM Service

Pulley Roller Wheel Bearing

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