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TIMKEN 32217 32218 32219 32220 32221 Tapered Roller Bearing

TIMKEN 32217 32218 32219 32220 32221 tapered roller bearing, among them, the single row can only bear axial force in one direction. Some types can bear opposite axial force at the same time, similar to angular contact ball bearings.
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  • TIMKEN 32217 32218 32219 32220 32221 tapered roller bearing


TIMKEN 32217 32218 32219 32220 32221  tapered roller bearing

Technical parameter:

New items Old items Specifications(dxDxB) Weight/kg
Timken 32217 7517E 85×150×38.5 2.690
Timken 32218 7518E 90×160×42.5


Timken 32219 7519E 95×170×45.5 4.180
Timken 32220 7520E 100×180×40 5.140
Timken 32221 7521E
105×90×53 6.340

TIMKEN 32220 bearing

TIMKEN tapered roller bearing Structural features

  1. TIMKEN 32217  bearing,according to the provisions of the ISO standard for outline dimensions of tapered roller bearings, any standard type of tapered roller bearing outer ring or inner ring assembly shall be able to realize international exchange with the same type of outer ring or inner ring assembly.

  2. TIMKEN 32218  bearing,the bearing with large cone angle can bear larger axial load when the cone angle is between 25 ° and 29 °. In addition, the single row tapered roller bearings can adjust the clearance size during the installation process.

  3. TIMKEN 32219  bearing,this kind of bearing belongs to separate type bearing, which can be divided into single row, double row and four row tapered roller bearing according to the number of columns of rolling element in bearing

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