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TIMKEN 32934YA 32936 32938 32940 32924 Tapered Roller Bearing

TIMKEN 32934YA 32936 32938 32940 32924 tapered roller bearing are usually of the separate type, that is, the tapered inner ring component composed of the inner ring with roller and cage assembly can be connected with the tapered outer ring
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  • TIMKEN 32934YA 32936 32938 32940 32924 Tapered Roller Bearing


TIMKEN 32934YA 32936 32938 32940 32924  tapered roller bearing

Technical parameter:

New items Old items Specifications(dxDxB) Weight/kg
Timken 32934YA 2007934 170×230×38.5 3.860
Timken 32936 2007936E 180×250×45


Timken 32938 2007938E 190×260×45 6.250
Timken 32940 2007940E 200×280×51 8.860
Timken 32944 2007944E 220×300×51 10.100

TIMKEN 32940 bearing

TIMKEN tapered roller bearing Structural features

1.TIMKEN 32934YA  bearing,the clearance of double row and four row tapered roller bearing has been given according to the user's requirements when the product is delivered from the factory, so it is not necessary to adjust it.

2.TIMKEN 32936  bearing,the axial load capacity of the bearing is mostly determined by the contact angle α; the larger the α angle, the higher the axial load capacity.

3.TIMKEN 32938  bearing,the design of tapered roller bearings is that the raceway surfaces of the inner ring, the outer ring and the apex of the roller cone converge at a point on the central axis of the bearing.

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