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15mm V Groove Track Rollers Bearing W4 RM4ZZ RM4-2RS

15mm V Groove Track Rollers Bearing W4 RM4ZZ RM4-2RS
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  • 15mm V Groove Track Rollers Bearing W4 RM4ZZ RM4-2RS

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15mm V Groove Track Rollers Bearing W4 RM4ZZ RM4-2RS

Track roller Bearing W (RM, Vw) is the main component of the W-type roller guide system, widely used in industrial robots, cutting equipment, moving rails, production lines and so on.

● The outer ring of the roller is a W-shaped outer surface composed of two 90-degree V-shaped shapes. The inner or outer side can be used separately to fit the 90-degree inner V- or outer V-rail, or the inner side can be fitted to the cylindrical guide.

●The roller adopts the internal structure design of the double row angular contact ball bearing and the thickened outer ring, so  the roller has higher bearing capacity.

15mm V Groove Guide Bearing Specification :

Bearing No.: W4, W4X,RM4ZZ ,RM4 2RSBearing
Type: V Groove Guide Bearing
Material :Chrome steel Gcr15 ,Stainless steel

RM4 Bearing

Feature of V Groove Bearing Track Bearing :

1.Low resistance, long life and wide application

The working surface of the W (RM) series of guide rollers is finely ground and has a good roughness and an angle of 90 degrees. The W-shaped groove of the roller is parallel to the mounting plane of the inner ring. When working, the force between the roller and the guide rail is stable, and the friction resistance is small.

2. Easy to install

After the eccentric sleeve and the concentric sleeve are arranged on the guide roller, the installation is convenient, and the eccentricity of the eccentric roller can be adjusted to obtain a suitable preload.

We Can Produce Other Type V Groove Ball Bearing:

W0, RM0, W1, W1X (rubber seals), RM1, VW1,

W2, W2X (rubber seals), RM2, VW2,

W3, W3X (plastic cover), RM3, VW3,

W4, W4X (rubber seals), RM4, VW4,

W(RM)0X, SW1 bearing, WRM)1X,

W(RM)2X, W(RM)3X, W(RM)4X, W(RM)4XL, W4XXL,



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